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Lenton Formsaver Rebar Couplers

Lenton Formsaver Rebar Couplers

Lenton Form Saver Starterbar

CARES Approved Lenton Form Saver starterbar assemblies provide continuity and structural integrity to reinforced concrete construction in segmental pour applications. The Lenton Form Saver is designed with the unique Lenton tapered threat system, and durable mounting plates for easy attachment to forms. The taper threaded design, like the complete family of Lenton couplers, provides load path continuity in tension, compression and stress-reversal applications.

Lenton Form Saver mechanical splices provide superior performance well beyond the yield strength of the reinforcing bar. Lenton Form Savers comply with the many leading approval bodies and holds various approvals.

Lenton Form Saver splices outperform other systems because of their ability to develop strength requirements independent of concrete cover. Their ease of installation, consistent performance and durability add value and integrity to your structure. Lenton Form Saver is available in 12mm through 20mm factory standard sizes (lengths). Unique blend configurations are also available.

 Lenton Form Savers are used for: -

  • Slip and jump forming.
  • Segmental pours.
  • Stairwell applications.
  • Equipment hatch openings.
  • Tower crane openings.
  • Slabs.
  • Bridge decks.
  • Future extension.
  • And all other segmental pours 


When to use :

  • When protruding dowels prevent the use of certain building techniques like slip form or climbing formwork
  • When protruding dowels prohibit the use of system formwork
  • When protruding dowels hinder the use of steel formwork
  • When protruding dowels obstruct the removal of formwork
  • When the connecting rebar has a diameter between 10 and 20 mm



Lenton Form Saver provides structural integrity between two building segments such as precast elements or with in-situ pours. Its ideal for eliminating protruding dowel bars in segmental pour applications and temporary openings. Examples include precast columns with the slab or beams, staircase to walls and wall to wall.

The following accessories are available: (to be ordered separately)

HFF Nailing Plate

Steel square nailing plate. Brings the couple mouth against the formwork. Must be combined with a closure plug type CPP.

CFFP Nailing Plate

Keeps the coupler mouth 10mm away from the framework.

BTP Bar-Tip Protector

Protects the thread on the bar against pollution and provides colour coding for designating the rebar size.


For further information download a copy of our Formsaver Product Brochure here. 


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