PVC Waterstops

PVC Waterstops
PVC WaterstopsPVC WaterstopsPVC Waterstops


PVC Waterstops are designed to provide an integral sealing system for movement and construction joints in concrete cast in-situ. These joints typically occur in the following type of structure: -

  • Reservoirs, water towers and sewage tanks
  • Dams, culverts, canals and spillways
  • Swimming pools
  • Bunded areas surrounding liquid retaining tanks
  • Basements and underground car parks
  • Tunnels and subways
  • Abutments and retaining walls
  • Roof decks and podium decks



PVC Waterstops are extruded from a high grade PVC compound which has been formulated to give excellent flexibility and longevity characteristics. They are available in straight lengths and factory produced intersections or as a factory prefabricated segment of a network to minimise site jointing.

Internal PVC Waterstops

Internal PVC Waterstops are specifically developed with their unique rib and bulb profiles, to provide a totally effective water barrier when cast centrally within wall and floor joints. Waterstops have been tested to withstand ingress of water in construction and expansion joints in water retaining and excluding structures. All internal Waterstops incorporate an eyeleted reinforced edge flange; this enables them to be easily positioned by wiring to surrounding reinforcement.

External PVC Waterstops

External PVC Waterstops are high performance profiles, specifically developed to seal joints in concrete structures at the outside surface, thus preventing the reinforcing steel against corrosion attack, in addition to providing a totally watertight seal. External Waterstops have been independently tested to withstand ingress of water in construction, expansion and kicker joints in water retaining and excluding structures. All External sections incorporate a nailing flange with a reinforced edge to provide a secure fixing that will resist tearing.

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