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Groutec Pre-cast Splicing System

Groutec application 2018

What is it?

'Groutec' is a mechanical splicing system with one threaded end specially designed for the full structural connection of concrete elements either within the precast industry or on concrete framed in-situ construction. Ribbed or deformed reinforcing bars of grades up to 550MPa(80ksi) can be spliced with Groutec. It can be used in vertical or horizontal planes replacing the more usual method of void tubes, overlapping bars and large quantities of grout.

The oversized coupler allows for adjustment on site of continuation bars, up to 12mm for 12-20mm diameter bars and up to 20mm for 25mm plus diameter bars.

Groutec Couplers are designed and manufactured in compliance with Eurocode 2, BS 8110, ACI 318 and AASHTO, and have been designed to work with grouts commonly available on the marketplace. The grout must be non-shrink with a minimum compressive strength of 70MPa. Groutec has been tested worldwide with grouts from manufacturers such as Sika, Parex-Davco, Fosroc and BASF

Key Benefits

  • Ability to easily connect two precast elements with no requirement for in situ wet concrete joint.
  • Compact economical splicing solution with one threaded end compatible with either Bartec, Fortec, Rolltec or Griptec bars.
  • Can be used with non-shrink grouting mortars easily availablefrom major manufacturers. Groutec has been successfully tested with Sika214 from SIKA Co, Lanko 701 from PAREX-DAVCO Co, Cemrok EasiFlow from POZAMENT or Conbextra GP from FOSROC Co.
  • Allows connection of continuation bars that are not perfectly aligned: Misalignments of up to 12mm for small bars (Ø12-Ø20), up to 20 mm for medium bars (Ø25) and up to 25 mm for large bars (Ø28-Ø40) can be accommodated.
  • The same coupler model can also be used for the connection of different diameters (transition splices).



  • Groutec is designed to connect wall or column precast elements either horizontally and vertically.
  • In horizontal applications, and in vertical applications with the Groutec coupler installed in the top element, the connection is achieved by injecting the grout through the inlet pipe.
  • In vertical applications with the Groutec coupler installed in the bottom element, the grout can simply be poured by gravity directly into the coupler cavity.


The new Groutec S

This slimmer version is a cost effective solution against using traditional void tubing and has been specifically designed for the use in precast concrete, benefits include

  • Large grout saving
  • No rebar laps making the it easier to use in thin panels, columns and in congested areas
  • The reduction in rebar also make the units lighter
  • No long protruding bars making transportation easier
  • Saving many hours of labour on site


The Groutec S has all the same characteristics as other Groutec’s and it takes all the same size rebar. However, it has a smaller outside diameter which makes it slimmer all round, thus making it useful in smaller scenarios.

For further information download the Groutec Brochure here

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