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Vetrofluid Total Concrete Protection

VetrofluidVetrofluid has been in manufacture for over 40 years and provides Total Concrete Protection. A type of “water glass”, Vetrofluid is odourless, colourless and non-toxic. When sprayed onto a concrete surface it penetrates the body of the concrete moving through the voids and fissures to a depth of about 40mm, reacting with the calcites in the concrete creating a vitreous type product providing total concrete protection. Vetrofluid properties include,

Protection against water penetration, most acids and alkali’s including strong hydrochloric acid [as used in concrete etching].

Prevention of concrete dusting, deterioration of concrete due to freeze thaw as the water cannot enter the concrete and carbonisation of steel reinforcement and by aiding the curing process can reduce cracks.

Vetrofluid does not degrade as it is within the body of the concrete providing protection for the lifetime of the area coated and will not need to be re-applied after the correct initial application. It does not alter the look of the concrete or leave a physical coat on the surface of the concrete and does not affect the application of other subsequent coatings that may be applied such as paint, anti-graffiti finishes or sealants.

It is completely Solvent and VOC FREE.

Key Characteristics

  • Permanent waterproofing
  • Penetrates concrete up to 40mm
  • Protects from freeze-thaw cycles
  • Can triple the life span of concrete
  • Spray applied
  • 100% eco-friendly
  • Odourless and colourless
  • Resistant to chemical attacks


Suitable for

  • Tunnels
  • Wells
  • Basements
  • Immersed concrete structures
  • Storage and water tanks
  • Bridges and underpasses
  • Underground walls
  • And many more 



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In addition to Vetrofluid RFA-Tech are pleased to offer the complete range of Ecobeton protection products which include;

Ercole: is a unique and versatile product used in the restoration and re-surfacing of concrete surfaces internally and externally. Ercole is a single component ready mixed copolymer, which when applied to concrete which is damaged or has deteriorated avoids the need to replace or remove the existing concrete.

Microbond: is a cementitious ready-mix product, single component which is mixed with water for a smooth and uniform trowelled finish. It can be applied internally and externally and combined with a dye to achieve any colour.

Microbond is the perfect concrete overlay for producing decorative concrete stamping, interesting concrete aesthetics and smooth trowelled finishes. It can be applied on horizontal and vertical surfaces such as ceilings, floors, walls and concrete furniture as used in landscaping.

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