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Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Barrier
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    Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Barrier

    Gas Protection Solutions

    Harmful ground gases entering buildings can pose health risks. Protective measures are therefore usually required in ground floors, and these requirements are enshrined in building regulations. Government planning policy requires an increase in the amount of housing on brownfield land. This means that much more housing will need protection from ground gases. 

    Harmful soil gases such as radon, carbon dioxide, methane and hydrocarbons can enter properties by many different routes: through cracks in floors and walls, construction joints, wall cavities, and around services pipes.

    Radon is a naturally-occurring colourless, odourless radioactive gas; some parts of the country have higher levels than elsewhere. Exposure to high levels of radon for long periods increases the risk of developing lung cancer.

    Radon Gas UK Map

    Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a colourless, odourless, non-flammable, asphyxiating and toxic gas which can arise from landfill sites, mine workings, and organic rich soils such as peat or river silt.

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    Methane is a colourless, odourless, explosive and asphyxiating gas which can arise from landfill sites, mine workings, and organic rich soils such as peat or river silt.

    Hydrocarbons are colourless gases formed as a byproduct of decompossing organic matter.

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    2m x 50m 600mu Amber 2 Foil Gas Barrier
    50mm x 10m Radbar Double Sided Tape
    75mm x 50m Radbar Single Sided Tape (FOIL)

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